People Having A Worse Day Than You

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People Having A Worse Day Than You! Just some funny photos showing people having a worse summer than you! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last vid Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!

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Rebecca Chad
Rebecca Chad преди 20 минути
I slept all day
bob the builder
bob the builder преди 21 минута
My day wasn’t bad CUZ ITS FRIDAY MA BOIS
ChaosAgent7 gaming
ChaosAgent7 gaming преди 59 минути
?Virgo¿♍️ преди 3 часа
8:03 ✨domino affect ✨
Clark & Pinky💖💙
Clark & Pinky💖💙 преди 4 часа
its 7:04 pm im sooooo tired but im up watching your videos
DreamWolf преди 4 часа
At first I did not know she was wearing a hat until she said it
BajanSmiles преди 4 часа
stop saying popping,im eating lol
Sun flower
Sun flower преди 6 часа
My toilet leaked to
Sun flower
Sun flower преди 6 часа
Uhh is that shampoo leaking out of the car roof
Rico the Parakeet
Rico the Parakeet преди 6 часа
Yall sayin they have the worst day, me who has covid
Blueboy 10
Blueboy 10 преди 6 часа
You called it a drive thru it was a car wash
Linda Robles
Linda Robles преди 6 часа
2:07 Awwwwww poor guy Plot twist:She said yes and she went back home to plan her wedding
Linda Robles
Linda Robles преди 6 часа
I love lia!Who else?
princess leyley
princess leyley преди 7 часа
@0:45 when God touches up his style and some random man becomes a Simpson
Claire Bear
Claire Bear преди 7 часа
😱y'all see what he has hanging on the car mirror!!! (Hale/ windshield wiper)
Rob Bonsell
Rob Bonsell преди 7 часа
SSSempierwolf comes in my house hears loud howling in my room
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina преди 8 часа
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina преди 8 часа
Maritza Maritza Wolvaardt
Maritza Maritza Wolvaardt преди 8 часа
my sis has drank a cup with a bee and it stung the roof of her mouth 👄 and she....swallowed it
Ada Sencan
Ada Sencan преди 9 часа
Fire hair girl: 😐. The other peple:😨😱😭😭😭😭😭😶😯. The calm one:😑👉🏿💧. The girls hair: 👩🏻. Eveybody:👀😀😅
B Wallner
B Wallner преди 13 часа
My gramp browk his wind seshld
pranisha kc
pranisha kc преди 18 часа
The Title: People Having A Worse Day Than You. Sasuke After Watching This Video On The Day Itachi Killed His Clan: My Pain Is Greater Then Yours.
Michele Schlotfeld
Michele Schlotfeld преди 19 часа
Bruh sssniperwolf is so cute 😩
Animegachatea преди 19 часа
I just the how she calls strangers friends♥️
Mansoor Bozdar
Mansoor Bozdar преди 22 часа
Please can you do death prank inyoudog
MoonVR преди 22 часа
i deleted one of my comments off this video bc people with inappropriate profiles keep commenting
Leilani Watson
Leilani Watson преди ден
That burger thing happened to me the other day
AestheticEmma преди ден
One time I got a happy meal and there was no burger to
A̲n̲i̲m̲e̲G̲a̲c̲h̲a̲🥀 преди ден
U think there having a bad day…😢😢😢
_-Amber-_ преди ден
well a bee flew into my mouth and i digested half of it
Adorbsxanna преди ден
1:35 ayo someone gonna read the scented thing? 😳
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor преди ден
The Windshields are like making the honeycomb and are failing to make the shape!!
Raging_Nerdaholic преди ден
I love popping pimples too
Koony преди ден
Sokka my first toilet flooded Lia: thats rough buddy
EdenVee07 преди ден
wow, i should be on this list, took my dogs for a walk and sprained my ankle bad, then had to walk home which was 2 miles away! And tomorrow I'm having people for the weekend! I'm just watching this to make myself feel better!
Bruh Moments
Bruh Moments преди ден
Discounts because I didn't have worst day I was just playing Sonic 3 Angel Island Revisited my favorite game
Aarionna преди 2 дни
I get Overwhelmed so easily my Anxiety Creeps inside me Makes a Hard Breathe What's going Over me Feels like I'm somebody else
《CinnamonRollPlayz》 преди 2 дни
I needed this lol
Lilly_ASMR преди 2 дни
Lilia Therese Wenceslao
Lilia Therese Wenceslao преди 2 дни
My car😱
Lucky Doge
Lucky Doge преди 2 дни
1:27 You average Severe Thunderstorm in Tennesse. Happens every year.
Bell Entertainment
Bell Entertainment преди 2 дни
Sonic is probably cursed😭 because I had a milkshake and I spilled it in the car just like how the girl spilled her drink in the car
Shannon Parmelee
Shannon Parmelee преди 2 дни
They ain't having a worse day than me. My dog died today and I got 4 if my teeth pulled and dropped my phone in the water. It sucked
Shannon Parmelee
Shannon Parmelee преди 2 дни
But you fixed my bad day 😁
angelina camarda
angelina camarda преди 2 дни
White_hoodie101 преди 2 дни
But I'm having a great day
tina Yoshi
tina Yoshi преди 2 дни
and what milk sus its not milk nasty sniper wolf
tina Yoshi
tina Yoshi преди 2 дни
wait did i saw sex wax omg sniperwolf she in 4k i saw her aie look at it woooooow siperwolf
clone productions
clone productions преди 2 дни
AHhhh 4 always need a morning of sssniperwolfe
Brap Studio
Brap Studio преди 2 дни
The guy who proposed was was wearing Ben 10 stuff
Shreyanshi Sahoo
Shreyanshi Sahoo преди 3 дни
1:34 Other people: Uh oh! Its hailing Me: Gurl is the wax having sex or whaaa
ew gross
ew gross преди 3 дни
The dog was like hehe 😜
JayOfDarkness преди 3 дни
I bet your favorite show is Dr. Pimple Popper, bruh, saying some,"Im the kind of person to pop someone else's pimple." That's zit. >:[
Tiff Girl
Tiff Girl преди 3 дни
I feel quite bad for these people but it’s quite funny at the same time
Katelyn Leah
Katelyn Leah преди 3 дни
Who needs Netflix when you have sssniperwolf
Cozy Melon
Cozy Melon преди 3 дни
SSSniper wolf you look so good with that furry hat I sniff a sussy baka 🥺
Stephanie Hewitt
Stephanie Hewitt преди 3 дни
I bernt my bangs off well lighting a candle and my little sister and her boyfriend were just laughing at me well I screamed for help 😭
shahidawati преди 4 дни
0:54 Is That Kaby Lame?
Bruce Jensen
Bruce Jensen преди 4 дни
I am never leaving my drink out side ever again
Eisley And Austyn
Eisley And Austyn преди 4 дни
I got a huge bump on my head the size of a golf ball
Nevada Scarmack
Nevada Scarmack преди 4 дни
The McDonald’s did that to me once with no Patty I was about to go back here and literally murder them
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis преди 4 дни
The tire commed suicide
Sally Hittle
Sally Hittle преди 4 дни
if sniperwolf see this then just to let her know she makes peoples day better😁😇😀
Victoria преди 4 дни
Gurl I broke my teath and I exploded my chin yea it’s still bleeding-
Denise Fisher
Denise Fisher преди 5 дни
Dude felt so bad that he huge him
Chase Byrd
Chase Byrd преди 5 дни
I have a question for the food industry one would you call an electrician or plumber or would you call Jonny sins he does both
Chase Byrd
Chase Byrd преди 5 дни
𝑅𝑒𝑡𝑟𝑜 преди 5 дни
The car is in fact NOT driving by itself it has been stolen 🤦‍♀️
xXSnowstorm's Crazy ChannelXx
xXSnowstorm's Crazy ChannelXx преди 5 дни
6:00 The same thing happened to my mom and I when we were on a highway, the car suddenly got louder and the next thing she saw was that the tire just rolled in front of us. Luckily noone else was harmed in any way and it turned out that the tires were 7 years old I think, something like that Edit: we've had the car for abt a year, if even
Hungri Panda
Hungri Panda преди 5 дни
everyone: "your hair is on fire" her: " this cake is fire"
Emma Grant
Emma Grant преди 5 дни
is it just me or am i seeing SEX WAX on 1:41 .-.
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf преди 5 дни
The no patty thing happened to me it was just bread lettuce and ketchup
ys yeo
ys yeo преди 5 дни
Sniperwolf I just got stung my eye
Stephene Morena
Stephene Morena преди 5 дни
Now I want to see you do a reaction video to Dr Pimple Popper's videos
mamasitamelinda преди 5 дни
Lol 😂
Courtney Ginavan
Courtney Ginavan преди 5 дни
hello friend 😊 I love your videos so much ❤️
TransitioningBeauty преди 5 дни
She was eating her sandwich unbothered 👏😏
Jayde Morgan
Jayde Morgan преди 6 дни
That spill reminded me of when Chick-fil-A gave me lemonade and the bottom fell of and it all fell out😁
Kimber Kent
Kimber Kent преди 6 дни
Anyone watching this in the month of Halloween
IRIS_PLAYS преди 6 дни
My mum doesn’t eat meat that often but she likes Big Macs. One day we want to McDonald’s and she only asked for one burger in stead of 2. But when we opened the most the forgot both. I was surprised she ate it!
•frost wolf•
•frost wolf• преди 6 дни
~Flame ' Drop~
~Flame ' Drop~ преди 6 дни
"people having the worst day then you" Me: *My dog ate my hamster then my dog had to be put down*
Roblox Unicorn
Roblox Unicorn преди 6 дни
No my day is still bad:( my grampa died
Alex the hyper
Alex the hyper преди 6 дни
Poeple: omg your hair is on fire! Sssniperwolf: mmm no wonder I smell smokey in here💨💨💥
StrawberryStar преди 6 дни
How do you forget the patty in the burger? 😂
Andy Smith
Andy Smith преди 6 дни
Jasperghost Coolest
Jasperghost Coolest преди 6 дни
The Green jacket guy is
Hawaii Kittens
Hawaii Kittens преди 7 дни
2:37 I remember when I was in 2nd grade somebody took my chair and it was so embarrassing 😳
Ninjatako преди 7 дни
Wisly Louis
Wisly Louis преди 7 дни
Darlene Mills
Darlene Mills преди 7 дни
My dad actually drank a Bee well not completely and he did actually get stung but it wasn’t that swollen
Juwayriyyah Khan
Juwayriyyah Khan преди 7 дни
I burnt my hand soo
Alexa Salmela
Alexa Salmela преди 7 дни
Natasja Eliana R Zandburg
Natasja Eliana R Zandburg преди 7 дни
My hair was on fire ons to my friend told me 😶
Chanda Stewart
Chanda Stewart преди 7 дни
Lol 😄😃😜
Adrian Lalor
Adrian Lalor преди 7 дни
Omg sameeeeee I love popping pimples
Sophie The Cat ❤️
Sophie The Cat ❤️ преди 7 дни
‘Hello friends its me’ cheers me up uwu!
Amanda Wood
Amanda Wood преди 7 дни
Why do you talk so loud?
Phillippants преди 7 дни
You are my comfort youtuber
Amelia Storrie
Amelia Storrie преди 7 дни
I love your videos
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